The Best Careers to Pursue in the Gate City of the South

Careers in Gate City of The South

Atlanta today is one of the country’s major business hubs, along with other large metropolitan areas such as Dallas, New York, and Houston.

Forbes Magazine ranked Atlanta 5th in its 2015 list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. In its profile of Atlanta, Forbes cites, among other factors: the impressive number of top corporations that keep their headquarters in the city, Atlanta’s diverse culture, and the presence of several higher-education institutions.

What, then, are the best career choices for you in the historic Gate City?

The answer mostly boils down to personal preference. But if you want to know which fields have great potential career growth and opportunities, an excellent reference is the joint Atlanta Regional Commission and Bureau of Labor Statistics. It released a list of job fields with the highest projected growth and salary rates in Atlanta by the year 2040.

Here are some of the top entries on that list:


With the country’s aging population, healthcare fields are expected to grow by 103.6% in 2040.

Currently, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America at SRMC leads the list of the top 25 large workplaces in Atlanta, as surveyed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC). The study measures employees’ satisfaction, and notes that these Centers’ employees generally feel that they have a stake in the company’s success.

There are seven other healthcare-related companies in the AJC list, implying that healthcare employees are generally satisfied with their careers.


Second on the list is Education, including training, teaching, and library services. The continuous rise of the city’s population, ensures that the education sector remains one of the top priorities.

Atlanta is known for its highly rated schools. It is also home to prestigious higher-learning institutions like Georgia State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Social Services

Community and non-profit services cover substance abuse counseling, marriage therapy, rehabilitation counseling, child, family and healthcare social workers, and health educators.

Even more impressive, this field is also among the 22 highest-paying jobs in the city.


On the average, legal jobs pay the highest salaries among all employment fields and are expected to continue to do so. Aside from lawyers and judges, legal workers include paralegals, title examiners, abstractors and searchers, and legal support workers.


Not surprisingly, management jobs come second to legal jobs in the income scale. With the growing number of Fortune 1000 companies and large and small businesses in Atlanta, management jobs will continue to increase. These include top executive positions as well as managers and directors in various sectors such as financial, IT, human resources, construction, and food service.


Constituting a major job growth sector, tech jobs are the third-highest paying jobs in the city. These jobs include positions in computer and IT research and analysis, computer programming, software development, and computer user support.

Included in this industry are occupations in Architecture and Engineering; specifically, positions in the biomedical, marine, and health and safety engineering fields.

Life, Physical, and Social Science

Animal scientists, food scientists and technologists, microbiologists, and conservation scientists are part of this growing industry. It is the sixth-fastest growing industry, as well as the fourth highest-paying in Atlanta.